eyebrow eyeliner lip digital tattoo permanent makeup machine

digital tattoo permanent makeup machine for eyebrow eyeliner lip


Product Description


 Use for Eyeliner, Eyebrow,lips 

1. Designed with 5 high grade rubber rings, they can reduce the gripping stress and antislip

2. 5 gears of screw connector the needle more stable fixed with the pen without shaking

3. PMU & MTS in one machine

4. A simple circular be designed into the apperance like palm size intelligent console

5. Up and down cover



Artmex V6 Permanent Makeup Machine

The Artmex system provides the semi permanent makeup practitionerwith the state-of-the-art computerized technology. It is the preferred system forpermanent make-up artists as it is ideal tattooing eyebrows, eyelids, lips, andcovering up scars and old tattoos.



- Large LCD screen

- Smooth and quiet, yet powerful rotary motor

- Comfortable and light weight pen allows for continuous agility in prolonged session

Preset needle frequency for specific procedure, i.e. eyebrows, eyeliners, lips semi


permanent makeup procedures

- Adjustable 10 levels of speed control

- Adjustable needle puncture depth

- Keeps track of total usage time for proper maintenance


The whole kit includes:

1pc Artmex Host

1pc Artmex Handpiece

1pc Handpiece stand

1pc Adapter (110-220V +/-10%)

2pcs Cables

5pcs needle-cartridge

1pc manual


Technical parameters:

Input voltage 110-240V

Frequency 50 Hz

Power input max. 8 VA

Power supply unit FW 6798 / 24 V ~ /18,5 VA

Working frequency 95 – 145 / sec.

Weight: 960g

Size: 247mm*190mm*76mm

needle lenght: Adjust 0.2mm-3.0mm

+86 15013192160
+86 15013192160