Electric muscle stimulator ems slimming machine

Electric muscle stimulator ems slimming machine weight loss electrotherapy




By creating electronic pulse to stimulate special points on the body, this kind of function can effectively regulate bioelectric and 

endocrine system and accelerate metabolism, reaching remarkable effect of weight losing and skin tightening.



Indications of ems muscle stimulator

1. Weight loss:Belly,Thigh,Arm,Butt,Back and whole body
2. Slimming:Breast lift,Belly tightening,Butt lift,skin tightening, skin instauration flexibility, and tighten up whole body
3. Sport man: Enhance physical fitness and agility
4. People who do not exercise;
5. Tighten up whole body for postpartum woman.
6. Human who want loss weight
7. People cannot do exercise because of muscle atrophy, people who with the wheelchairs.


Treatment Tips


Lose weight: ten days as a period of treatment and can lose 1-8kgs
Slim the body: ten days as a period of treatment and the waistline can shorten 2-9centimetres
Enhance the breast: twenty days as a period of treatment and the breast can be enhanced 1-3 centimeters
Advantages: low-frequency for losing weight and middle-frequency for flapping the skin. The waist line can shorten 1-2cm by instant treatment.




1.With 10 groups of electro pads,total 20pcs 

2.8 varieties of independent wave of low frequency to enable muscles do different forms of exercise.

3.Four different working programs:


P1: to fit muscle release and remove muscle ache and pain, work as skin massage.
P2: to fit breast area, muscle on legs and arms string, and buttocks and udders upgrade.
P3: to fit bionic movement (string drooping muscle, burn extra fatness).
P4: to fit reduce fatness, remove extra fatness cells through high intentional massage operation, to get slimming body.


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