Far Infrared Air Pressure Pressotherapy body shaping lymph drainage machine

2 in 1 Portable Far Infrared Air Pressure Pressotherapy body shaping lymph drainage machine


Product Description



Air lymphatic detoxin therapy is a treatment widely used in body fluid,beauty and physical treatment.

By air pressure therapy, The machine can improve lymphatic and blood circulation then drain out

unwanted substancesin body, thus effectively improve fatness of edema cellulite, tighten slack muscle

and restore flexibility of muscle fibre

This machine takes body slimming, relaxation, and detoxification functions in one. It has clothes, every

cloth with air bags, strainers. Air bags are symmetrical. There is each around the waist and belly.

Also symmetrical from top to bottom on the legs. Can freely apply on every part which is needed

obesity removal.



Pressotherapy for detoxify
Pressotherapy for body shapes
Pressotherapy for tone body muscles
Pressotherapy for body slimming
Pressotherapy for physical treatment for surgical extraction
Pressotherapy for lymphatic
Pressotherapy for relaxation for whole body cellulites reducing




1. Massage the body with body-firming products (gel or oil) on the electrode patch to get the better

effects. The intensity should subject to the client’s feeling. The temperature should be adjusted from

lower to higher gradually. In case of the pain feeling, please check whether the electrode patch contact

with the skin fully.



2. During the whole treatment, beautician should communicate with the client, check the temperature

and perspiration, and make the adjustment correspondingly.


3. During the treatment, please keep the machine in situation of Pause for this function if you want to

stop certain treatment.


4. Please sterilize the slimming clothes and electrode patch with 50% alcohol after using.


5. For the far infrared function, it should be set as 8 level first, while client feels hot, please turn the

level as 5 to 6. Keep this temperature. The winter/summer changeover switch that’s located above

the footplate is selected according to the season and temperature of the room.


Specification :


Chamber 44pcs

Air pump output

Pressure 120mmHg-200mmHg
Wire Length 1.8m
Watt 120W
Voltage AC100-120V/60Hz,AC200-240V/50Hz

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+86 15013192160