4in1 V MAX hifu wrinkle removal machine

4in1 V MAX hifu wrinkle removal machine oxygen skin care cold hammer + ULtrasonic BIO injection


Product Description


Product Description of V MAX 4.5mm handle :


V-MAX(HIFU) helps to improve wrinkle and skin elasticity and to form collagen. HIFU thermal energy at 65℃ is delivered to SMAS layer (about 3.5mm~4.5mm) in the face skin and it contracts skin muscle layer. Moreover, V-MAX enables to do obesity treatment by breaking down fat layer which is in between 10mm~20mm depth in the body skin.


Features of V MAX 4.5mm handle

As it is equipped with the Probe (4.5mm) which is the most widely used in Ultrasound equipment, it can be used for both facial and body treatment.
By adopting a self-cooling method, not a cartridge-changing way which is widely known in the market in normal Ultrasound devices ,

V-MAX can be used for a long time without replacing a consumable cartridge. (Durable handles)

Probe-rubbing methods enable easy and particular region operation.


Application of V MAX 4.5mm handle


  • Fat burning and lifting

  • Wrinkle removal,

  • Face shaping,

  • Fat cells and cellulite elimination

  • Skin elasticity.

  • VMax body contouring can be done by breaking down excessive fatty layers between 10mm-20mm deep



Features of Oxygen Spray Handle:


1. Provide 99% pure oxygen with high pressure

2. Spray oxygen, inject oxygen and inhale oxygen

3. Assist skin absorb oxygen and nutrient easily

4. Support with SPA  and essence is more effective

5. Clean skin dirt





BIO Nutirent Inject

Use BIO nutrient injection probe make effect to skin, deliver the nutrition to cell membrane through

 electroshock hole (10 minutes for each side of the face )


The BIO Microcurrent Facials therapy benefits include: oil control, tighten and firm face skin,
face lift, facial muscle toning and relax, reduce wrinkle, smooth fine lines, help with hypersensitive and redness, etc
Cold Hammer
Cold therapy makes your skin much smoother and tighter. It also shrinks pores, reduces redness, and soothes sore muscles. Needless to say, cold massage brings the icy sensation and leaves your skin refreshed.

helps to tighten the skin, reduces pores and improves skin texture.   

Sonic Vibration, massages the skin




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