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3 in 1 Portable Oxygen therapy Facial machine Ultrasound Tripolar RF skin care anti aging 


Product Description


Product Overview

Designed with the professional aesthetic in mind, oxygenation combines new patented oxygenation technology with renowned Multi-polar technology. oxygenation provides top-quality skin nutrition and oxygenation along with clinically proven anti-aging results. 
The combination of Multi-polar RF and oxygen improves skin quality both at the epidermis and dermis layers offering long-term results.



3 in 1 skin care treatment to actively nourish, vitalize and hydrating the skin
.Exfoliation of the external skin layer 
.Infusion of revitalizing nutrients  
.Oxygenation of skin generated from within

Multi-polar - The 3rd generation RF anti-aging technology
. Wrinkle removal 
. Facial tightening 
. Safe, effective and convenient

. Fast and long lasting results


Oxygen Technology

Natural hot springs have been known through the ages for their therapeutic benefits,  allowing minerals to be effectively absorbed through the skin to revitalize body cells. Alike the natural hot springs result, Oxygenation is the world`s first technology that remarkably enhances the absorption and optimal utilization of nutrients by the skin using our unique Capsugen and  specialized Gels.




NeoRevive Results

. Enhancement of skin`s pebbled appearance (elastosis )

. The diffuse netted pigmentation of the encircled area has almost cleared

. The region looks more uniform and shiny


NeoBright Results

. Improvement in skin`s appearance and brightening of its color. 
. Pores appear to have shrinked in size (around area). 
. Marked whitening result on freckles (arrow) and lessening of pigments (seborheic keratosis) shown on the bottom of the nasolabial fold.



Multi-polar Technology - Multi-polar 3rd generation RF technology

Multi-polar makes use of RF energy to stimulate collagen & elastin regeneration in the dermis layer. 
Multi-polar RF function :
Smooth and tightening skin
Fine lines and wrinkles reduction

Improved skin texture


Ultrasonic  (choice)

100 million to 300 million times per second ultrasonic frequency, the transmission process of the body, being the skin, dermis, subcutaneous tissue of the absorption, the absorption of ultrasonic waves into heat, ultrasonic Thermal effects of biological tissue temperature increased slightly ( 0.5~1.0℃ ), to promote capillary Function of blood vessels and the flow of lymph cells, nutrients needed to help the cells transport to the capillaries, promote metabolism. Close to the skin surface without capillary blood parts of the tube, instead of lymph blood flow that can help to change the flow of lymph have rough skin look, promote metabolism. And to assist the low of lymph, maintain healthy skin. Maintain skin elasticity / break down fat and prevent obesity. 100 million times per second ultrasonic vibration transferred to the organization, the organization will produce along with ultrasonic vibrations per second, one million times Slight vibration. Slight vibration to stimulate biological tissue and skin tissue, relieve tension, maintaining skin elasticity, the heat generated by vibration easier, help prevention of obesity.




1. Cells reviving, Carbon oxygen skin care.
2. Skin rejuvenation,repair dull skin.
3. Face firming,improve and prevent skin aging, narrow coarse pores, whitening skin.
4. Cosmetics infusion, use ultrasound technology to infuse cosmetics liquid into deep of skin through a system of precisely controlling the infusion speed of liquid.
5. Radio frequency heating ,stimulates the generation of collagen albumen for face lifting,skin tightening,etc.
6. Facial deep cleaning, Microbubble cleaning.
7. Deep moisturizing.


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