Skin Rejuvenation RF Beauty Machine

Portable fractional rf machine skin rejuvenation skin cold hammer


Product Description

 Working theory 


1.RF wrinkle removal principle
Permeated by RF, the subcutaneous tissue will be heated up by its natural resistance movement and then col agen become contracted immediately and the dermis are stimulated to generate more new col agen for replacement.

2.RF skin reconstruction principle
Within 1 second, RF can change electrical polarity for mil ion times in electrical field of the treated biological tissues. The electrified particles in tissue will go Brownian motion at the same frequency to form columnar heat, to destroy col agen hydrogen bonding structure and change the triple helical structure of col agen molecule, resulting in col agen immediate contraction and instant appearance of skin tightening effect.

3. Fractional photo thermal principle
On RF probe, heat is transfered by lattice cluster to the deep subcutaneous, forming a lattice col agen adhension. Then the tightening skins are firmly repositioned to achieve better face lift. The key point of Lattice heating is having solved the problem of overheat on the skin (If the heat is out of skin`s withstanding, Thermal Cap phenomenon wil occur). Lattice heating makes deep col agen cel s to release heat effectively and sufficiently and stimulates the col agen regeneration and adhesion to surrounding col agen, so as to form a solid support frame. Only RF lattice heating ensures the energy can fully come into effect in the dermis fiber layer and truly reach thermal effect.




*Remove wrinkles and skin rejuvenation
*Remove freckles / whitening Management
*Acne, acne scars fade
*Restore skin elasticity
*Improve skin texture
*Eye problem solution (eliminate eye dark circles, bags under eyes, eye pattern and relieve edema)
*Improve the body function (improve vascular and lymphatic circulation)


Handpiece and Tips 

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 Machine Screen 

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