Dark Circle Treatment RF Skin Tightening Machine

2018 New Bipolar RF eye pouch removal machine dark circle remove facial massage  beauty equipment 


Product Description

Working Theory
(stimulates the regeneration of deep collagen: rebuild the skin tissues, shape the beautiful skin, toaccomplish anti- aging)

(accelerate the blood circulation of the skin: frequency
vibration speeds up the blood circulation and metabolism.)

(IR skin care: activate the activity of the molecular, 630mn IR,
infiltrate to human tissue and repair cells.)


1. Radio Frequency Mechanism  

    Radio frequency waves penetrate through epidermis to dermis and heat the dermis collagen fiber to 55 ℃ - 65 ℃. Collagen fiber shrinks and loose skin is tightened. At the same time, the radio frequency heat stimulates collagen regeneration to recover skin elasticity and remove wrinkle; Take example of removing under-eye dark circle, radio frequency energy heats eye part skin tissue from the inside out. It accelerates blood circulation of eye part skin, so under-eye dark circle is removed and under-eye puffiness is improved; the radio frequency energy enhances collagen fibers elasticity and flexibility of orbicularis oculi muscle. So loose saggy lower lid skin is tightened, under-eye puffiness and eye part wrinkle are improved;


2. Nutrient Solution Leading Mechanism

   Radio frequency has strong deep leading function. It can lead special nutrient solution to deep tissue to stimulate the deep collagen regeneration, rebuilt soft tissue. So we get perfect refresh skin;


3. Infrared Light Mechanism


   Infrared wave is a kind of life electromagnetic wave with 630nm wavelength. It has strong penetrability. It resonates with human cells and accelerate metabolism. When infrared wave is absorbed by body tissues, it produces a kind of comforting heat for benefiting human body. The heat can infiltrate human tissue to repair human body cells. The physical properties of infrared wave have these efficacies: activate the activity of biological macromolecules, improve blood circulation and metabolism, diminish inflammation and swelling;


4. Vibration Mechanism

   Hundreds of vibration per second further accelerates blood circulation, improve metabolism, muscle fatigue, muscle soreness and swelling.


(RF : stimulate the regeneration of collagen, recover the skin
elasticity , to accomplish wrinkle- removal. )


 Traditional way
Skin care products mainly nourish skin surface,
absorption rate less than 15%.


Intellectual Way
our products
infiltrate the skin inside, absorption rate reach up to 98%



IR : 630nm   Intensity: 0.1W

Power Supply: AC100-240V , 50-60Hz

RF frequency : 4MHZ

Input Power:Maximum30W

Output Power:  Maximum  25W

product weight : 1.4kg

Gross weight : 2.4 kg

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+86 15013192160