Monopolar ED eye message pouch dark circle treatment

(stimulates the regeneration of deep collagen: rebuild the skin tissues, shape the beautiful skin, to accomplish anti- aging)

(accelerate the blood circulation of the skin: frequency
vibration speeds up the blood circulation and metabolism.)

(IR skin care: activate the activity of the molecular, 630mn IR,
infiltrate to human tissue and repair cells.)

(RF : stimulate the regeneration of collagen, recover the skin
elasticity , to accomplish wrinkle- removal. )

Traditional way
Skin care products mainly nourish skin surface,
absorption rate less than 15%.

Intellectual Way
our products
infiltrate the skin inside, absorption rate reach up to 98%

Working Mode: RF, Vibration, Nutrient Leading In, IR

IR : 630nm   Intensity: 0.1W

Power Supply: AC100-240V , 50-60Hz

Input Power:Maximum30W

Output Power:  Maximum  25W

product weight : 1.4kg

Gross weight : 2.4 kg

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+86 15013192160